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Well, yeah. Some of you might know I've been writing fanfictions since about three years, and I'm quite good at it - that's what others say.
I've got many fanfics, and I'd like to post a few on here. I hope you enjoy them. If you do, please write me a little letter or a few lines.

And I started some of those lists, where you get about 100 themes for fanfics a few days ago.
--> List


--> Imagination
Es ist noch früh am morgen, doch ich liege wach in meinem Bett...

--> Memories of sand in my shoes (Your hand in my hand)
...and his being late is forgiven and forgotten.

--> Little Nothings
The things you do for each other might seem like little nothings to other people. But to you, it means a lot.

--> Abschied
Er spürt, dass etwas passieren wird. Noch weiß er nicht, ob es etwas Gutes oder Schlechtes sein wird.

--> Neither alive nor dying
“If I went away, you’d die. You know that. I can offer you a gift; would you take it?”
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