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xxName Jasmin Whatsername
xxNicknames Jassy, Pubes (long story)
xxBorn on November 18th, 1990
xxBorn where Mainz, Germany
xxLives where On my own boulevard of broken dreams
xxHas what star sign Scorpio
xxHas what eye color Blue-grey, but it tends to change from time to time
xxIs how tall 1.74 m
xxHas what hair color dark brown

xxConsiders herself as... diva. quite friendly. best wifey ever. pretty. loud. good listener. good dancer and singer. good icon-maker.
xxIs graphic-queen where

xxContact her on...

<3 ICQ 306-958-573

<3 MSN

<3 per E-Mail

<3 MySpace burlesquexxdiva

<3 LiveJournal: [info]xxshow_girlxx

xxLikes... music. dancing. singing. writing stories. jackass. her friends. laughing. reading. taking pictures. paint shop pro 7. nail polish. prison break. supernatural. wrestling.

xxDislikes... spiders. assholes. liars. her sister. having no music around her. homophobes. rainy weather. bad grades. lasagne. shit-talkers.

xxDoesnt' care about... liars. shit-talkers. people who judge her. people that talk about stuff they don't have a clue about.

-bands... Panic! At The Disco. Fall Out Boy. HIM. Green Day. The Killers. My Chemical Romance. Placebo. Daughtry. Dashboard Confessional
-song... Saturday by Fall Out Boy
-singer... Jack Johnson. Johnny Cash. Kelly Clarkson. Chris Daughtry
-book... Run, Jane, Run! by Joy Fielding
-food... Chinese food in general
-color... orange. yellow. green.
-movie... Nightmare Before Christmas. Brokeback Mountain. Memoirs of a Geisha.
-series... Prison Break. Supernatural. Heroes

xxOther facts about her

--> she's always listening to music - if not, something's wrong.

--> she's really scared of hights.

--> she doesn't know how to swim and absolutely hates swimming.

--> she'd love to have a pet snake, but her mom doesn't allow so.

--> she's scared of darkness, especially after scary movies.

--> she loves Disney movies and only watches them on video cassettes.

--> she's always got a nail file with her.

--> she wears glasses.

--> her biggest idol is Zui Suicide.

--> she still talks to imaginary friends, but actually makes fun of it/them.

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